3 cheap and cheerful ways of decorating your bedroom

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Though many of us generally don’t spend as much time in our bedrooms as we would like, when we are in there, we want to be calm, relaxed, and happy. People say that a tidy room equals a tidy mind, and for the most part at least, they’re absolutely correct. The last thing you will want will be for your bedroom to become dark, cluttered, and messy because not only will it become an eyesore, it could result in you feeling tired and failing to get enough sleep. Modern home decor is of course subjective because everybody has their own unique tastes and preferences, but if you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom, the good news is that you needn’t hire expensive home decorators. Cheap home decor can be just as attractive if you’ve a creative eye and the right vision, and to help prove this, here are a few cheap and cheerful ways of decorating your bedroom without spending a fortune.


New bedding

First and foremost, if you’re thinking of decorating your bedroom, one of the first things you will need to do is to start with the bed and change the bedding. New bedding is essential for any new bedroom as it will act as a focal point that instantly draws the eyes when you enter. If for example, you choose to go for a fairly neutral bedroom, you can add a little hint of colour via the bed sheets and pillows that you use. New bedding can be used in the same way as a feature wall and it can literally transform any room, without you having to spend a fortune.


Framed wall posters

When you redecorate your bedroom, you don’t want to leave the walls bare and lifeless, you want them to have a little character, which is where framed bedroom posters will work so well. Framed posters of wall art designs, skylines, nature, modern prints, and much more besides, will literally bring any bedroom to life and will help add huge amounts of character to any wall. Whilst posters on their own look fantastic, when you take the time to get them framed, the changes you notice will instantly be recognisable and will look better than ever.


Rugs and throws

Rugs and throws are also ideal for decorating a bedroom and breathing new life into it, and they too do not need to cost you a fortune. Rugs and throws can be purchased in a variety of different patterns and designs, and they can be used to help enhance the atmosphere of a bedroom, without making dramatic changes. For example, for a country chic effect, if you have, say, cream carpets, you could go ahead and use a tartan effect rug, along with tartan pillows perhaps. This look will instantly revamp your bedroom, whilst you barely have to lift a finger.

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