4 fabulous reasons to have framed posters in your bathroom

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When we think of stylish and relaxing decor, generally we tend to focus on rooms such as living rooms, and bedrooms. In actual fact however, there are countless other rooms in the home that also need to be furnished and decorated correctly, and in terms of modern home decor, you simply cannot afford to forget about your bathroom. Just look on any home decor website and you will instantly be met with image after image of stylish, sleek, and modern bathroom, which is sure to help get your creative juices flowing. If your bathroom hasn’t been decorated and revamped in a number of years, it may be time to pay it the attention it deserves and craves. You may not realize it, but something as simple as a framed poster or two in the bathroom, could literally transform the room and instantly improve its appearance and appeal. Here are a few fabulous reasons to consider hanging framed posters in your bathroom.


They enhance the decor

One of the most important reasons to hang a framed poster or two in your bathroom, is because it will enhance the decor. Bathroom wall art comes in all shapes and sizes, and can be purchased in pretty much any style and design you like. For example, if you’re going for a nautical theme for your bathroom, a framed bathroom poster of the seaside or coast, would work extremely well. No matter which style you’re going for, framed posters can, and will, work very well.


They’re affordable

In terms of cheap home decor, you simply cannot go wrong with posters. People often hear the word ‘cheap’ and they instantly have negative connotations with the word. Cheap however, isn’t necessarily negative at all, in fact, it’s positive. Nobody likes spending more money than they have to, and nobody likes being ripped off. If you chose to hang expensive art in your bathroom, as you probably know, art generally costs a lot more than posters, so you would almost certainly be spending more. Posters however, are cheap and cheerful, so you can get the style you want, without having to spend a fortune.


Posters easy to replace

If you imagine spending hundreds, maybe even thousands, on a work of art to hang in your bathroom, though you would be proud at the time, as the years went by, you may get sick and would want to replace it. However, most people would not be able to bring themselves to take down an expensive work of art, so they would leave it where it was. With posters however, after a few months, if you did grow tired, no problem, simply take them down and replace them with something new. Due to their affordable price, you won’t feel obliged to leave them hanging just to get your money’s worth.


They’re water resistant

With framed posters, as you will be bathing in the bathroom, the walls will almost certainly get splashed with water, plus there is all of the steam etc. The frame on your poster, as well as the material of the poster however, will provide water resistance so no matter how humid your bathroom becomes, the posters won’t become damaged.

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