4 Things you need to consider before buying posters for your home

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For people looking to decorate and spruce up the interior of their home, posters could very well be their secret weapon. Once you’ve decorated a room and painted the walls, organized the furniture, and laid the flooring, next up, it will be time to accessorize. Accessories help to add the final touches to a property, and can help transform a house into a home. Accessories can add colour, they can reflect your personality, they can add warmth to a room, and they can basically make any room look much better. In terms of popularity, you will be hard-pressed to find anything more popular than a framed poster for wall decoration, but buying a poster, or posters, is not as simple as you may have thought. Here are a few things to consider before buying posters for your home.


Wall space

First and foremost, one of the most important things you will need to consider before buying a poster is wall space. You obviously want your home to look its best, and a poster could very well help you to achieve that. However, you must first ensure that you have enough wall space for the poster/posters you have your eye on. If for example, you have sentimental family photos on the wall that you cannot move, will the wall look too cluttered if you frame and hang a poster there? How big is the poster? How much free space do you have? All of this must be considered before you commit to purchasing your posters.


Poster size

Next up, the size of the posters should also be taken into consideration. As mentioned, if you have limited wall space, this is especially important, but either way, you should make sure you know the exact size of the poster/posters you have your eyes on, before you buy.


Framed size

Once you have the size of the poster, you next need to consider the size of the frame as well. When measuring wall space, make sure you consider the size of the framed poster when working out how much room you need.



This is all subjective as it is down to personal taste, but make sure you choose designs that appeal to you, and ideally go with the decor of your room. If for example, you enjoy nice sunsets, a loved sunset framed poster will brighten up any room. You can even get poster prints of famous paintings, and have them framed, and although obviously not original pieces, who actually cares when they look so great?

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