Common poster buying mistakes to avoid

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If you’re a self-confessed interior design wizard, you’ve almost certainly realized the potential that posters, framed or otherwise, can provide for any room in your home. Posters can function as the perfect accessory for any home, and they can really help bring virtually any room to life. Buying posters however, is not as simple or as straightforward as you may have hoped. You see, whilst it is vital that you enjoy the poster you have purchased, it is also very important that you consider other things at the same time, to help bring your vision to life. When purchasing your next poster, make sure you aren’t guilty of making the following mistakes.


Not measuring the wall beforehand

Whilst posters can look absolutely stunning when used on walls correctly, a lot of people unfortunately tend to make the mistake of not measuring the wall before buying the poster. They will have a rough idea of where they want the poster to go, but rather than measuring, they will instead just buy the poster and hope it fits. Instead, what they should do is measure the wall so that they know exactly how much space they have, and how much space the poster will take up.

Not knowing what you want your poster to achieve

Posters are used to decorate rooms in all kinds of properties, but sometimes people want a little more from them. Rather than wanting a poster to simply look good, they may want a poster to literally transform the room, so knowing what to buy is vital. For example, if you want to add colour, a bright and vibrant colourful poster is ideal. If you want to give your room an art deco feel, an art deco poster will work wonders. Basically, think about what you want your poster to do before you buy.


Focussing on price

Whilst the great thing about posters is the fact that they are so much cheaper than other pieces of art, sometimes people tend to focus too much on the price. Life is too short to worry about a few bucks here and there, so if you find a poster that you absolutely love, and know you want, if you can afford it, just go ahead and buy it.


Failing to frame a poster

If you’re decorating your dorm room in college, a frame for your poster is probably not needed. If however, you want to transform your living room into a stylish and elegant part of the house, you should get your poster framed. Framing does not cost much but it literally transforms any poster and will subsequently transform any room in your home in the process.

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