How to upcycle old posters into pieces of art

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When people purchase posters for their homes, rooms, businesses, etc, after a while, generally they tend to make the awful mistake of throwing the posters out into the trash. This is a cardinal sin in the poster-industry, as posters have countless uses that go above and beyond the conventional methods you may be used to. Obviously posters are primarily designed to be hung or stuck on walls to enhance the overall appearance of the room they’re in, but in reality they can be used in many other ways as well. When you’re finished with your old posters, don’t just cold heartedly throw them into the trash, instead, why not upcycle them and give them a new lease on life? If you’ve got a series of old posters in your home and you aren’t sure what to do with them, take a look at the following creative ideas, and see how many you feel like trying.


Turn them into handbags

Yes, you did read that right, and no we aren’t pulling your leg. If you are feeling creative and if you know your way around a sewing machine, you could actually turn your old posters into a stunning handbag. Some people choose to create a handbag from scratch, whereas others carefully cut, stick, and sew the posters onto existing bags. The end result is something truly special, so why not give it a go?


Decorate old furniture with them

Upcycling old furniture is also a very popular pastime, and it is a great way of giving old furniture a new life, and completely transforming it in the process. If you have an old table that was destined for the bonfire, instead, sand it down, paint it, and decoupage the top of the table with your old posters. With this technique, old posters are mixed and matched and cut or torn into pieces and then used on the surface of the table, before being sealed. From here, a glass sheet can be placed on the top and you suddenly have a stylish table.


Birthday cards

Another great use for old posters is to use them as birthday cards. Card paper can be purchased for a very reasonable price, and from here, the old posters can be cut to size, glued to the card, and used to create a stylish birthday, or Christmas, card. You can go with movie posters, rural scenes, skylines, sunsets, or anything else for that matter. These cards will look great, and will really be appreciated because people will see that a lot of effort has gone into making them.

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