About us

Thanks for visiting our webshop! Posteroz.com is a company who loves great design and decorating. When we first started back in 2015 we was working hard to get this poster store up and running and now people are loving the posters!

We have 10 poster designers who makes amazing posters every day, so you can start decorating your home. They company is located in Denmark, but our partners who are printing the poster are in the US, so therefor we have an estimate delivery time of 1-2 weeks outside the US, but we are working hard to make it better in the future.

Posteroz are getting bigger and bigger every day and we are trying to serve your the best way we can, so therefor we have 7 people in our customer support to take care of your questions. So you can always welcome to sent a message. We will answer your email within 1 hour.